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Castle Watch
Fandom Newsletter for the TV show Castle
Recent Entries 
Castle || Esposito and Ryan || Partners
Note: castle_watch is looking for volunteers to help with posting. Please comment here (comments screened) if you're interested. Thank you!

A Good Show [Esposito/Ryan] M By: jassanja
Final Horizons CH1 [Castle, Esposito, Ryan] PG-13 By: rurone

1 Castle icon By: dearagony
18 icons By: love_kate_walsh
130 icons from 2.06 By: michygeary
346 Castle icons By: hazel_eyes_86
2.15 GIFs By: ashleyjag
Icons and wallpaper By: txduck
Stana Katic drawing By: scullyitsme

ABC Crossover Promo at castle_tv

News and Interviews
Interview with Seamus Dever and Writer Jose Molina via castle_tv
Nathan Fillion on the View via castle_tv

Extension of Nomination period at castle_awards
Looking for Gag reel screencaps at castle_tv
Question about Castle's humming at castle_tv
UK to get Castle! via castle_tv
Vote for Castle and Beckett via castlebeckett

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16th-Feb-2010 01:03 pm - Issue #35: Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Castle || look up
Apologies for missing Saturday, everything since last Tuesday is included.

A Kiss Without Context [Beckett/Castle] G By: krisnreine
Dangerous Game [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: jilliancasey
Fangirl [Beckett, Castle] PG-13 By: aethre
What Kate Wrote [Becektt/Castle, Heat/Rook] R By: aethre
Without a Paddle [Beckett/Castle, Alexis, Lanie] PG By: elizagoth7
You Can't Live Without Them [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: xashtheartistx

5 Nathan Fillion Characters - picspam By: leonhart_17
20 icons By: melissa_pbfan
icons, header and wallpaper By: nicole_nut
Icons By: theactualworst
Twitter pics from Nathan at fans_of_fillion

I Fought the Law By: ausiewanab
Sometimes: A Castle/Beckett Tribute By: austen

Challenge #30 at castle_icontest
Challenge - Date at castle100
Reminder - Challenge #11 at castle_vcontest
Winners - Challenge #10 at castle_vcontest
Winners - Challenge #29 at castle_icontest

News and Interviews
Interview with Ruben Santiago-Hudson via castle_tv
Latest from Ausiello - 11th Feb at SpoilerTV.com (Spoilers!)
TNT/TBS SAG Awards Red Carpet Interview with Stana at castle_fans (Potential Spoilers!)

Another Castle Spoiler at castle_tv (Spoilers!)
Fandoms Collide - A Beckett/Jane comparison By: borg_princess
Looking for on set pictures of the actors at castle_tv
New Community: castleland
New Episode question at castlebeckett
New Nikki Heat novel question at castle_tv
Vote for Beckett! at fandomelections

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9th-Feb-2010 08:21 pm - Issue #34: Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Castle || Castle and Alexis || hug
Inspiration Point (Castle/Torchwood) [Beckett, Castle, Jack Harkness] PG-13 By: strangevisitor7

92 Season 2 icons by snowweisz
204 icons from 2.09-2.14 by annaxbanana
New Stana picture at stanakaticfan

Voting - Challenge 29 at castle_icontest

News and Interviews
Ratings News - 8 February 2010 at SpoilerTV.com

Castle is most popular on Hulu! at castle_fans
Multifandom Writing Challenge at story_lottery
Question about Ryan and his girlfriend at castle_tv
Question about the second book title at castle_tv
Thoughts about Castle's father at castle_tv

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CSI:NY || girl!Flack || blue, Castle || Beckett || blue
I'm Here For You [Beckett/Castle] By: katernater
Undisclosed Desires [Beckett/Castle] By: americanfairy

Detective and the Frog [Beckett, Lanie] PG By: hazel_eyes_86
Lollipops [Esposito/Ryan] NC-17 By: pure_mornings
Musical Inspiration [Beckett, Castle] G By: mercy_angel_09
Simply not the same [Beckett, Castle] PG By: mercy_angel_09
Typical [Esposito/Ryan] NC-17 By: justaotherwitch

Castle icons, Stana icons and wallpapers By: nicole_nut
GIFS by nowgold
icons and banner By: huf_girl

2.15 Sneak Peek at SpoilerTV.com (Potential Spoilers!)
2.15 Sneak Peeks at SpoilerTV.com (Potential Spoilers!)

Prompt: Sports at castle100

News and Interviews
Casting Call - 2.18 at SpoilerTV.com (Potential Spoilers!)
TWOP gets on board at castle_tv

Reminder: castle_awards
Request at castlebeckett
Special Chat with Jose Molina 9th February at CastleTV.net
TV Guide's Mega Buzz at at SpoilerTV.com (Spoilers!)

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30th-Jan-2010 10:51 pm - Issue #31: Saturday, January 30, 2010
Castle || Montgomery || Captain Badass
Can't put this day back [Beckett/Castle] PG By: missymeggins
Chocolate Kiss [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: digitaldesigner
It Wasn't a Date [Beckett/Castle] PG By: hazel_eyes_86
Mad Doctors & B Movie Nazis [Beckett/Castle] PG By: krisreine (Spoilers for 2.14)
Sirens [Beckett] PG By: not_as_we
There's a Truth in Your Eyes [Beckett/Castle] PG By: zubeneschamali
you can try to hide away (but you know you're not immune) [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: falsemurmur

GIFs from 2.14 By: anadxof

Hot Mess [Beckett/Castle] By: not_as_we

Challenge #29 at castle_icontest
Results - Challenge #28 at castle_icontest

News and Interviews
ABC orders more Castle at castle_tv
Additional Casting Call at SpoilerTV.com (Potential Spoilers!)
Casting News at SpoilerTV.com (Spoilers!)

Castle on the front page of TV.com at castle_tv
Discussion at castlebeckett
Vote Beckett For President at stanakaticfan

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26th-Jan-2010 10:34 pm - Issue #30: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Castle || Beckett || Fierce, CSI:NY || girl!Flack || Fierce, People || Stana || Fierce
Another Thing About Mornings CH1 [Beckett, Castle] T By: fialka
Brand New Eyes [ensemble] PG-13 By: morrisgrad09
Here's Looking At You [Beckett/Castle, Alexis] PG By: elizagoth7

2.14 GIFs by: ashleyjag
4 icons from 2.08 By: huf_girl
10 icons By: fanarts_series
18 icons By: notimetothink
79 icons from 2.13 By: annaxbanana (Potential Spoilers!)
Castle/Beckett Wallpaper By: raynewser

All the Right Moves [Beckett] By: ausiewanab
Closuer [Beckett/Castle] By: not_as_we
Murder, He Wrote [Castle] By: greenpear
SAG Red Carpet Interview and Pictures at stanakaticfan
Sneak Peek - 2.14 at SpoilerTV.com (Potential Spoilers!)

Prompt: Chocolate Kisses at castle100
Voting - Challenge #28 at castle_icontest

News and Interviews
Press Release - 2.15 at SpoilerTV.com (Potential Spoilers!)
Ratings News - 25 Jan 2010 at SpoilerTV.com (Discussion at castle_tv)

2.13 Discussion Post at castle_tv
Auction to Visit the Castle Set via castle_tv
Casting Call - 2.17 at SpoilerTV.com (Potential Spoilers!)
Question about Beckett's mother at castle_fans (Potential Spoilers!
Stana at the SAG Awards at castle_tv

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19th-Jan-2010 05:45 pm - Issue #28: Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Castle || Lanie || She's a rockstar
+ Bid on a signed photograph of Nathan, auctioned to benefit the Peace Fund's relief efforts in Haiti.
+ Check out the help_haiti Special Edition for a listing of the Castle-related auctions.

Buy One, Get One [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: elphie_tlg
Cutest Vampire Ever [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: melissa_pbfan
Death Becomes Him (Castle/Highlander) [Castle, Beckett] PG ByL strangevisitor7

20 icons from 2.13 and 2.13 by: asterravos (Potential Spoilers!)
107 icons from 2.12 by: tellmewhyxx
120 icons from 2.13 by: tellmewhyxx
Beckett/Castle Scarf Picspam by: starbucksweetie
Castle in TV Guide scans from ausiewanab
Three Castle Wallpapers by padawanpooh

2.14 Promo at SpoilerTV.com (Spoilers!) (Discussion at castle_tv)

Prompt: Cold Case at castle100

News and Interviews
Ratings News at SpoilerTV.com (Discussion at castle_tv)

Now Open: castle_awards
What did you think of 2.13? at SpoilerTV.com

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16th-Jan-2010 03:32 pm - Issue #27: Special Help_Haiti Edition
Fic || Help Haiti
help_haiti is a Fandom Auction set up to raise money to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12, 2010. Check out the FAQ.

castle_watch has indexed the Castle offerings from the various auction threads.The page of comments that category is updated through will be listed for each. This list will be updated as the auctions progress.

Lightning Round (through page 12)
100-500 word ficlets from corvius_noir
1-500 word ficlets from jtav
100-500 word ficlets from zeldaophelia
100-500 word ficlets from cxrdevil
100 word drabbles from amilyn
100 word drabbles from shinealightonme
icons, a batch of 5-10, or a wallpaper or two, or up to 5-10 gifs from nowgold
ficlets: 100-250 words from unovis

Artistry Offerings (through page 23)
Video from not_as_we

Audio Offerings (through page 5)
Fanmix from hhertzof
A themed fandom mix on CD from purelush
General or character fanmix or soundtrack for your fic to include at least 10 songs and coverart from colls
A fanmix or a themed mix from inscrupulaties

Graphics Offerings (through page 18)
15 icons plus a journal header (with matching FO banner if required) OR wallpaper from leggyslove
Sets of 10-15 icons, Wallpapers from nowgold
One banner/header and a set of 10 icons from duskwillow
Character-specific or general non-animated fandom mood theme from colls
15 icons OR 10 icons and one header or friends only banner from _stolendreams_
Up to 20 icons from daynawashere
Either 1 set of 15 icons or 1 wallpaper or 1 layout from snowweisz
2nd offer from snowweisz

Word Offerings (through page 15 of Offering #3)
5 drabbles up to 500 words, one story between 5000-10,000 words from medie
ficlet, bidder's choice for pairing/prompt, 3,000+ words from mass_hipgnosis
A written fanfiction piece, anything from drabble length to a few thousand words from effie214
fanfiction of at least 1000 words from rocketgirl2
a single story of at least 1,000 words OR eight (8) drabbles (of exactly 100 words each) from amilyn
Ten ficlets (500+ words) with your choice of pairing and prompt OR One 5000-word fic from ayane_tsurugi
2 fics, 1500 words (or less) each from paynesgrey
fic of no less than 1,000 words, in the fandom of your choice, with the prompts of your choice from themonkeycabal
Fic starting at 1000 words for a prompt/scenario of your choosing from austen
Fic up to 12K from recrudescence
one fanfiction of at least 2,000 words from themusiclives03
1500 words of whatever you want from sarka
One fic between 500-1000 words for your prompt from hazel_eyes_86
Fanfic of at least 2000 words from mesmerising
fic, minimum length 1,000 words from calleigh_j
one story, minimum 2000 words from fiercynn
a story of any length or editing/beta services from olaf47
1 fic of up to 5k words from dinerguy
one fic of at least 1,000 words written to the prompt of your choice from zeldaophelia
1000 words per $10 raised, made up of either drabbles or one long fic :) So if you bid $20, you'd get 2000 words and so on... from not_as_we
1 fic of between 5-1500 words from jtav
Beta for your piece of original or fanfic from r_kimono
Either a series of three or more oneshots (2,000 - 3,000 words each) or a longer multi-chapter fic (approximately 5,000 - 10,000 words) from lilsmiles86
Fic of at least 1,000 words based on a donor's prompt from kaitlia777
Two fanfics of at least 1800 words, to be finished by Feb. 21th, although hopefully sooner from muir_wolf
I can offer 2,000 words, more if someone's okay with later than Feb. 14 from sakuracorr

Food and "Something Interesting" threads were not indexed. Check them out, you might find something you'd like.

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