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Castle Watch
Fandom Newsletter for the TV show Castle
Issue #35: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 
16th-Feb-2010 01:03 pm
Castle || look up
Apologies for missing Saturday, everything since last Tuesday is included.

A Kiss Without Context [Beckett/Castle] G By: krisnreine
Dangerous Game [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: jilliancasey
Fangirl [Beckett, Castle] PG-13 By: aethre
What Kate Wrote [Becektt/Castle, Heat/Rook] R By: aethre
Without a Paddle [Beckett/Castle, Alexis, Lanie] PG By: elizagoth7
You Can't Live Without Them [Beckett/Castle] PG-13 By: xashtheartistx

5 Nathan Fillion Characters - picspam By: leonhart_17
20 icons By: melissa_pbfan
icons, header and wallpaper By: nicole_nut
Icons By: theactualworst
Twitter pics from Nathan at fans_of_fillion

I Fought the Law By: ausiewanab
Sometimes: A Castle/Beckett Tribute By: austen

Challenge #30 at castle_icontest
Challenge - Date at castle100
Reminder - Challenge #11 at castle_vcontest
Winners - Challenge #10 at castle_vcontest
Winners - Challenge #29 at castle_icontest

News and Interviews
Interview with Ruben Santiago-Hudson via castle_tv
Latest from Ausiello - 11th Feb at SpoilerTV.com (Spoilers!)
TNT/TBS SAG Awards Red Carpet Interview with Stana at castle_fans (Potential Spoilers!)

Another Castle Spoiler at castle_tv (Spoilers!)
Fandoms Collide - A Beckett/Jane comparison By: borg_princess
Looking for on set pictures of the actors at castle_tv
New Community: castleland
New Episode question at castlebeckett
New Nikki Heat novel question at castle_tv
Vote for Beckett! at fandomelections

Did I make a mistake or miss something? Have a Castle community you'd like added? Leave a comment!
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